New FGO Event ONILAND Starts 24/10

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On 6th October, FGO Project revealed at a stage event the latest event for the popular mobile title, Fate/Grand Order (FGO – JP Version). The new event, Mysterious Kingdom of ONILAND!! ~Ogre King and Kamui’s Gold~ (神秘の国のONILAND!! ~鬼の王とカムイの黄金~) will commence on 24th October.


Event Details


The new event is scheduled to launch in-game on 24th October at 18:00 JST. During the event duration, Quests from Main Quests Chapter One will only require 1/4 AP and Quests from Main Quest Chapter Two will only require 1/2 AP. The reason for this is that clearing both Chapter One and Two is the requirement to play the ONILAND event.


The ONILAND event will feature its own event quests, and clearing all the event quests will reward players will the new event exclusive character.

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