AlphaGames' Mobile RPG Kyoko Shojo -E.G.O- Available for Download

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AlphaGames has released their new mobile RPG, Kyoko Shojo -E.G.O- today (26th November).

The game is set in a world where nature has been completely destroyed. Mankind now lives in a virtual world created by a device known as E.G.O which brings the five senses to a virtual reality. One day, the E.G.O system stopped working. To find the cause of the problem, players will have to travel alongside different girls to bring life back to the E.G.O system.


Pre-Registration Rewards

During the pre-registration period, the game gathered over 50,000 players. As thanks, the game will give out 4000 gems and costumes for SR character Riotto (リオット) and SSR Character Rozy (ロジィ).

Official Site

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虚構少女-E.G.O- Kyoko Shojo E.G.O 虚構少女-E.G.O- AlphaGames Inc. 3.2 More
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