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On October 5th, the DVD of Hyperventilation, a Korean BL animation made by Lewin, was released. Though a bit hidden in the shadow of the release of Yarin Bitch Club in early September, Hyperventilation hype packs a punch of its own, leaving many fans and new viewers excited with its release. Prepare to squeal and shriek in delight as we delve into more info about the new release.


What Is Hyperventilation?


Hyperventilation is the very first BL animation produced in South Korea. It was broadcast exclusively on the internet for one episode every Thursday for about 6 weeks in the winter of 2017. That means there are six current episodes, and each episode runs for about three minutes, though many choose to classify Hyperventilation to be a short instead of an animation “show”. It tells the love story of a married man with one of his former classmates, and with each episode, the story progresses on. The plot and scenes themselves are rather intense, sensual, and juicy, considering how short each episode is. 


Special Feature to The DVD

During the promotion of the DVD’s release, two promotional videos were released to add and trigger the hype within the anime fandom, sending everyone into a frenzy as everyone was also going crazy for Yarin Bitch Club which was released around the same. Those who purchase the DVD will find that there should be a couple extra scenes exclusive to only the DVD, therefore making fans wanted to frantically make their own order for one as soon it was dropped on its release date.


Stirring up excitement of its own, Hyperventilation still seems to be able to send fans into a frantic frenzy even after a whole year after it’s official debut into the BL community. Even with the new content being a little more minute than desired, it’s still a bless to have those extra scenes given that the original is way too short to fans. You know, who doesn’t want more doki doki moments?

For 2 USD you can watch the entire series without the additional contents on the official site. The DVD set can be purchase on G Market. Subtitles are in Korean, English, and Japanese.

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