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Koi Ga Ochitara (恋が落ちたら) is a bit more on the mature, real life genre of our yaoi spectrum. Ueda Aki (上田アキ) has graced us with a story that has a wonderfully thought out pace and it seems that we can expect a beautiful plot to blossom.

Koi Ga Ochitara

Though not a lot happens in the first chapter, I am sure many readers enjoy the change, since many new releases have been on the rushed smutty side of late. But this slice of life yaoi manga is refreshing in a way to come back from all of that. What also sets it apart from our usual BL manga is our characters are older, much older than our average high schoolers or young adults.


One night, right after he was dumped by his boyfriend, a pair of underwear, yes you read that right, came falling down upon Ise’s head. The one who dropped said underwear, was a man named Hashimoto, who Ise couldn’t seem to ignore, and they end up working together to bring in the laundry that had fallen onto a tree outside his window.

Koi Ga Ochitara

After being told by Hishimoto that he would like to thank him, Ise goes up to his place. And that is when they walk into the disaster of a mess that is Hishimoto’s apartment. Ise insists that he cleans, considering how messy it was, he could barely walk through the entryway. Once they finish cleaning together, he is told that Hishimoto has been thinking about him, and had used the fallen laundry as an excuse. Furthermore, Hishimoto then flirts with him, asking if he’s interested in older men?!


■ Ise

Koi Ga Ochitara

It almost seems as if this poor man can’t seem to catch a break when he is suddenly broken up with his ex boyfriend who never appreciated the things he did. It may seem he is a bit blind to things considering he didn’t notice the clear signs of his ex cheating. He may or may not be a clean freak since he practically begged Hishimoto to clean his apartment, though that could have been due to how messy it actually was. It is also very likely that he feels underappreciated in general since he reveals he has never been thanked before.

■ Hishimoto

Koi Ga Ochitara

An older recently divorced man who seems that he is unable to take care of himself or his apartment, at least that is how it seems. He was thought to be straight but seems to be quite opened minded with the help of Ise being the one to pique his interest. But not really yet in a sexual way but in fact is a sweet, loving, caring way, which is actually way more important and adds to the depth of his character.

Koi Ga Ochitara

This new release is definitely on the mature side of the yaoi spectrum, and when I say mature, it’s mature in a sense that this story doesn’t focus around when the sex will happen but actually centers around how the two come together and develop as not just characters but in their relationship as well, and as said before it is really difficult to find such a read that is willing to take the time to create such developments.

I am really happy that this work exists and brings fujoshi and fudanshi some freshness!

You can buy the digital manga on Renta!.

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