Date A Live III Official PV Released Featuring OP by sweet ARMS

Mr. Qoo

Announced to air in Japan on 11th January, Date A Live III has released the official PV featuring the new character voiced by Ayumi Mano (真野あゆみ).

The official PV also features the upcoming season’s opening “I swear” by sweet ARMS.

Official PV

About the Series

Date a Live is a light novel written by Koshi Tachibana.

30 years ago, a phenomenon known as spacequake occurred. The first spaacequake devasted the center of Eurasia, killing at least 150 million people. Following the first spacequake, smaller sqacequakes followed on irregular bases.

One day, Itsuka Shido, a regular high-school boy, meets a girl in armor. His adoptive sister, Kotori, notifies him that she is a Spirit, a Special Disasterious Designated Creature, the cause of spacequakes. This encounter reveals a mysterious power within him, allowing him to seal the spirits power by making the spirits fall in love with him. Now Itsuka Shido must conquer other spirits to seal their powers.

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