Valkyrie Anatomia -The Origin- Collaboration with Seven Deadly Sins Confirmed

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Today (8th February), Square Enix announced that their mobile RPG Valkyrie Anatomia – The Origin- will be collaborating with the second season of Seven Deadly Sins later this month!

valkyrie anatomia

So far, Square Enix has confirmed two collaboration characters, Meliodas and Diane. The character’s original voice cast from the anime series will voice the characters in-game. The collaboration characters will have their own unique 3D models and will be able to unleash their iconic skills from the series.

■ Meliodas

■ Diane

Valkyrie Anatomia -The Origin- x Seven Deadly Sins collaboration will be split into two parts. The first part will launch on 12th February 18:00 JST and the second part will launch on 18th February 18:00 JST. The collaboration will end on 4th March 2019 13:59 JST.

Collaboration PV

Official Site [Game]

Official Site [Anime]

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