Virtually Find Someone New This Valentine's Day~ Never Be Alone Again!

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Are you lonely this Valentine’s Day? Are you jealous of all the normies prancing on the streets showing off how happy they are in a relationship? Here are a few QooApp picks to save you from spending V-Day alone, virtually at least. May you never be alone again~

I am Single and looking for Waifu(s)

You’re sad, you’re lonely and you’re looking for a girl to keep you company? Love is too much of an effort in real-life! What you need is to escape reality and find yourself a girl virtually! As long as your phone is up and you have data, these girls will be around you!

■ Torikago

If you’re looking for someone for Valentine’s Day then Torikago is the game for you! the game is not officially released yet but is running a beta until 19th February. The game is filled with different beast-eared girls. Players will be able to interact with the different girls and go through a list of different scenarios with them. The game isn’t R18, but there are ecchi elements in it if that’s what you’re into. Hopefully the game will launch soon after the beta so you may be reunited with your love once again after the 19th.

 Sword Art Online VR Lovely Honey Days

Escape your lonely reality in VR with Sword Art Online VR Lovely Honey Days! The game offers players a VR date with Sword Art Online’s Asuna. The VR experience will allow players to interact with Asuna in multiple scenarios! Whilst there might not be a lot of content in the VR experience, it’ll surely get you through Valentine’s Day. Yes, we all know Asuna x Kirito… you’ll get over it.

■ Mega Waifu Miracle Force

Mega Miracle Force is Compile Hearts’ latest mobile SRPG featuring characters from a variety of Compile Heart games. Players will be able to build their own (waifu) team of their favorite Compile Heart girl and collect illustrations!

■ Release the Spyce sf

One of Bandai Namco’s recently released mobile game. The game is base on the Release The Spyce TV anime series, meaning there are lots of girls waiting for you to obtain! Sure, players don’t really have any interaction with the characters, but you do get to see them in live 2D so… worth?

I am Single and looking for Husbando(s)

So you’re looking for a Husbando. Well, you’re in luck! Recently, there has been quite a few potential otome games released filled with all sorts of delicious characters waiting for you to harvest!

■ Double Face

Why settle with one, when you can potentially have two! In Double Face, players play as a girl with amnesia, long story short, she wakes up to two men claiming to be her true fiancé. the two fiancés are voiced by Taku Yashiro (八代 拓) and Masaharu Kuga (久我 政春) – CV: Tomoaki Maeno (前野 智昭). The game also features a mini puzzle game element that allows players to obtain new outfits for the chibi versions of their potential husbando.

■ Readyyy!

Sega’s latest otome title “Readyyy!” features a diverse collection of characters for you to interact with. The game has a total of 18 different idols separated in 5 different groups, each group has its own style and each character has their own unique style. Players will be able to train all 18 individuals and interact with them to raise their affinity with each idol. Think about it, your very own reverse-harem…


Demimen is not exactly your typical otome game. The game features an unconventional roster of characters. Not only will characters be able to collect different ikemen monster variants, but they will also be able to set their own character’s background and characteristic. If you’re tired of your typical ikemen, then look no further! From ikemen chests to slimes, dragons, elves, beastmen, and more Demimen will definitely have something to fulfill your “wildest” fantasies. These settings will also affect how the characters interact with the players.

Your favorite game not mentioned? Share with us in the comment which game your “best girl” is from! Wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day~

ソードアート・オンラインVR LOVELY HONEY DAYS Sword Art Online VR Lovely Honey Days ソードアート・オンラインVR LOVELY HONEY DAYS BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. 4.2 Moreトリカゴ スクラップマーチ 【ケモノ娘×廃墟探索RPG】 TORIKAGO トリカゴ スクラップマーチ 【ケモノ娘×廃墟探索RPG】 DeNA Co., Ltd. Readyyy! Readyyy! Readyyy! SEGA CORPORATION でみめん 〜 恋愛や友情、主人公の設定次第で物語が変わる簡単女性向けRPG 〜 Demimen でみめん 〜 恋愛や友情、主人公の設定次第で物語が変わる簡単女性向けRPG 〜 LapLand Inc. ダブルフェイス/2人の婚約者・女性向け無料恋愛ゲーム Double Face ダブルフェイス/2人の婚約者・女性向け無料恋愛ゲーム Double Face メガミラクルフォース -コンパイルハートの人気キャラが集結するSRPG大作- Mega Miracle Force メガミラクルフォース -コンパイルハートの人気キャラが集結するSRPG大作- NTT Plala Inc. 4.1 MoreRELEASE THE SPYCE sf『リリフレ』 RELEASE THE SPYCE secret fragrance RELEASE THE SPYCE sf『リリフレ』 AltPlus Inc.
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