Megumin Alarm Chat App Now Available for Download

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Today (15th April), BOOK WALKER, a company under KADOKAWA, released a new interactive mobile app, ISEKAI [KonoSuba] Let’s talk to Megumin.


ISEKAI [KonoSuba] Let’s talk to Megumin is an app that allows players to communicate with KonoSuba’s Megumin. The new app is the first app of KADOKAWA’s ISEKAI app series which will be a collection of interactive apps that utilize RECAIUS, a communication AI that allows more complex interactions between users and different characters from anime series.

The app features useful lifestyle features including an Alarm system and a stopwatch. Setting alarms in the app will result in Megumin waking you up with different voice lines voiced by Rie Takahashi. Future updates will allow users to change Megumin’s outfit!

KADOKAWA has revealed that this is only the first app of the series, more characters are planned!


ISEKAI will have a free basic version which allows users to use most of the features included in the app. A monthly subscription is also available. Subscriptions will unlock additional dialogues. Users will also be able to purchase individual dialogues individually.

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