Torikago Scrap March is Now Available for Download

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DeNA’s latest mobile RPG Torikago Scrap March (トリカゴ スクラップマーチ) is now available for download. Players can fulfil their dreams of surrounding by cute Kemonomimi, girls with animal ears.



Players take on the role of a young boy who woke up from hibernation and will be living with Kemonomimi in the collapsed city near Tokyo. It is a castle city made of various materials obtained by scavenging from ruins. In the center, there is a royal palace where the queen lives.

鳥籠It is your job is to collect the relics and defeat monsters that have occupied the devastated city. During the battles, Kemonomimi will give advice on whether to move forward or retreat. It is important for the players to select wisely.


Recruiting the Kemonomimi to help in your quest is imperative to your mission, and it will be necessary to win them over through various means such as brushing and petting the girls accordingly.


Game Release Celebration Event

To celebrate the release of the game, players that login every day can have a maximum of 3000 Ruby, which can be used to restore energy and to draw gacha. Memorial gacha is also available for players to obtain the special card of “★4【水遊び】エーコ”and “★4【月夜盃】ぼたん”. A ★3 or above weapon is also rewarded for drawing the gacha in  11 times consecutively.



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