Castle & Dragon X Dr. Slump Collaboration Starts!

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Asobism’s strategy mobile game Castle & Dragon (城とドラゴン) announces a collaboration with Dr. Slump (Dr.スランプ アラレちゃん) starting today at 30th April to 13th May.

Collaborative Characters and Equipment

During the events, Dr. Slump iconic character Arale Norimaki will appear as collaboration limited character, together with six customs. Also, collaborative equipment for swordsman in the look of Arale, Gatchan and Obotchaman is also released.

Collaboration Quest

Players can use the designated team of new Arale characters to join the collaborative battling quest. Three quest tickets, which are used to join the quest, will be delivered daily and players can finish the quest by capturing an enemy city. The quest will have 13 levels.

Rewards will be given to players who finish the quest with different missions, such as taking the enemy’s city, defeating the boss and claiming the land. Collaborative swordsman limited equipment Poop-Boy can be obtained after passing specific levels with three stars.

Arale Defence Battle

During the event period, Arale will attack your castle once every day. Players can click on the SOS icon in your land to start the defense battle. Different rewards can be obtained after the battle, including diamonds, rare character gacha ticket, and coins.

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