Virtual idol franchise B-Project’s mobile rhythm game is ready for pre-registration

Mr. Qoo Android iOS

Virtual idol project B-Project’s mobile spin-off B-Project Muteki*Dangerous(B-PROJECT 無敵*デンジャラス)is now available for pre-registration on iOS and Android. B-Project is launched by cross-media company MAGES.

A total of 14 virtual idols from the groups Kitakore(キタコレ), THRIVE, MooNs and KiLLER KiNG will be featured in the game. Some pre-registration rewards have been announced on the website.

Pre-registration Rewards
Over 10,000 pre-reg: Gems for card-drawing once
Over 30,000 pre-reg: Appeal Lesson Ticket(アビールレッスン券)
Over 50,000 pre-reg: Twitter icon + gems for card-drawing twice

B-PROJECT 快感*エブリディ B-PROJECT: Kaikan Everyday B-PROJECT 快感*エブリディ 株式会社MAGES.
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