QooApp x Oh~! My Office Crossover! Hire Elly & Gilbert to Work in Your Office!

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Hire QooApp’s Elly and Gilbert in your very own office in the upcoming QooApp x Oh~! My Office crossover event starting 6th June!

The crossover will bring special QooApp stages to the game. Clearing these special stages will reward players with QooApp’s very own Elly, the bright and talented maid with a tendency to slack off whenever she is asked to do something that she doesn’t have interest in. As previously mentioned, the crossover will also bring Gilbert, QooApp’s perfect butler who handles everything flawlessly.

Starting 6th June, Elly and Gilbert will become available to the game forever~ That’s right, there won’t be an end date to the collaboration, as long as you play the game, you’ll get a chance to get them. If that’s not enough, there will also be a special Mr.Qoo outfit that you can use to turn your Boss into Mr. Qoo!

In celebration of this special crossover, From 13th June until 16th June, during Anime Matsuri, visitors will be able to try Oh~! My Office first hand at the QooApp booth (#1001) alongside other fantastic activities including a QooApp Gacha where everyone gets to win something! Click HERE for more information about Qooapp at Anime Matsuri.

About the Oh~! My Office

Oh! My Office is a new fast-paced mobile office simulator where players play the role of the boss of an office filled with workers who are constantly slacking off. Under a tight timeline and a goal to reach, players will have to stop their workers from falling asleep and messing on their phones! As profits rise, players will have to make investments to further improve their office as well as getting new motivation “tools” to get employees back to work.

■ Story

The main story of the game revolves around a company which is about to go bankrupt the protagonist’s (player) father built. On the very last day of the company, the protagonist and his loyal secretary Elsa close up the company for one last time. To their surprise, a mysterious girl called Kana shows up and sends the protagonist back in time to save the company. Confused and lost after time travel, the protagonist tries to look for their father to see if he could explain the situation. Instead of getting answers, the protagonist finds out that his father is missing and it is now up to the protagonist to run the business whilst unraveling the mystery behind Kana…

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