Pokemon Sword & Shield Legendary Pokemon Revealed

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Today (5th June), Nintendo broadcasted a new Pokemon Direct for the recently announced Pokemon Sword & Shield. During the live-stream broadcast, Nintendo revealed new information on the game including new Pokemon that players will encounter in the new region, New combat features, new game modes, and most exciting of all, the legendary Pokemon for the next generation.

New Pokemon in the Gala Region

Despite what many have guessed on the internet, the Pokemon Direct did not show evolutions for the three previously announced starter pokemon, instead, fans were shown new Pokemon that will encounter in the new Gala Region.

▲The evolution of Glossifleur


Dynamax is a new phenomenon that will be introduced in Pokemon Sword & Shield. Dynamax will turn trainers’ Pokemon into massive forms and boost their skills into max forms, powerful versions that can only be unleashed during Dynamax. Unlike Mega-evolutions, Dynamax only lasts for three turns, so mastering the timing for Dynamax will be crucial to being the best Pokemon trainer in the new generation!

Wild Area

Wild Area is a new massive area in the new generation where players can explore and catch different Pokemon. Depending on where the player is in the area and the weather, different pokemon will appear. When exploring the Wild Area, players will be able to freely control the camera angle to allow for more freedom when searching for Pokemon and Items in the new area. Additionally, the new generation will also introduce a new multiplayer game mode that can be accessed in the Wild Area.

Max Raid Battle

Max Raid Battle is the new multiplayer game mode that will be introduced in the upcoming games. The new game mode will allow players to join forces with up to three other players to take on wild Pokemon in Dynamax mode. What makes the game mode so special is that the wild Pokemon will stay in Dynamax throughout the entire fight and only one player will be able to turn their pokemon into Dynamax. Players will have to coordinate between themselves as to which trainer will use Dynamax and when to use it. After winning the fight, players will have a chance to catch the massive Dynamax Pokemon. Nintendo also revealed that some Pokemon will only be made available to trainers after defeating them in Max Raid Battles. During the live-stream Nintendo also revealed that a Nintendo Switch Online membership and a Nintendo Account will be required for Online Play.

Gym Battles

Although the live-stream did cover Gym Battles, there are still many questions left unanswered. During the Pokemon Direct, Nintendo revealed that Gym Battles will be held in massive stadiums built in special locations. These special locations allow players and gym leaders to unleash Dynamax during the battles. The grass-type gym leader, Milo, was also revealed during the Pokemon Direct.

Other Revealed Characters

Professor Magnolia is an expert in the Dynamax phenomenon, she is also the professor of the region.

Sonia is the granddaughter and the assistant of Professor Magnolia. Together with her grandmother, they will provide useful information for trainers’ journey across the region.

Leon is the greatest in the Gala Region. He is the current champion of the game. With his undefeated record and shining personality makes him the most prominent trainer in the entire region.

Hop is the younger brother of Leon. He will be player’s rival for the game.

Pokemon Sword & Shield Legendary Pokemon

Asides from the name and the looks, Nintendo has yet to reveal any detail on the next generation Legendary Pokemon

The official worldwide release date for Pokemon Sword & Shield has been announced to be 15th November this year. A special Double Pack for the new generation will also be available for pre-order starting today!

5th June Pokemon Direct

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