[Qoo News] Play Tennis with Toguro! Yu Yu Hakusho Arrives White Cat Tennis!


COLOPL sports RPG White Cat Tennis (白猫テニス) confirmed collaboration with Yoshihiro Togashi’s (冨樫 義博) shonen manga Yu Yu Hakusho (幽☆遊☆白書).


According to the newly set collaboration website, Yu Yu Hakusho’s signature villain Younger Toguro will be one of the tennis players. The website also comes with a mini game, which allows players to obtain special collaborated wallpaper after finishing the game and uploading it on Twitter.

Mini Game

The mini game, Toguro Run (戸愚呂ラン), will be available from now on until 28th June. Players can control Younger Toguro to carry the tennis court to a designated destination and of course there will be different obstacles stand in your way.


Special collaborated wallpaper of Younger Toguro can be obtained after finishing the game and uploading it on Twitter. You can also get the autographs of Yu Yu Hakusho’s voice cast after you follow the official twitter and share the game result on the social media before 14th June.




Official Site

Official Twitter

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