Sword & Libra Detectasy Now Available for Download

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Today (20th June), Jupit released their mobile RPG, Sword & Libra Detectasy (剣と天秤のディテクタシー)!

In celebration of the game’s launch, players will receive 2,200 diamonds (enough for 11x Gacha Summon), 3-star Weapon Ticket, and a variety of in-game items.


The game sets in the world where swordsman and sorcerer co-exists. The main story follows the detectives in the third division of the Police Department of the Royal Armed Force as they solve different mysterious cases.


Real-time combat is available for up to four players and players can enjoy the powerful 3D visuals. The character raising system has greater flexibility as all the ★3 and ★4 characters can be transformed into ★5 characters.


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剣と天秤のディテクタシー Sword and Balance of Detectasy 剣と天秤のディテクタシー Jupit Inc. 2.4 More
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