Shocking News! Weekly Shonen Jump: Jikkyo JanJan Stadium Server Closes on 26th August !

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KONAMI’s Weekly Shonen Jump: Jikkyo JanJan Stadium (週刊少年ジャンプ 実況ジャンジャンスタジアム) recently announced that the game will close server on 26th August at 15:00 (JST) .

Gathering the popular characters from manga magazine Weekly Shonen Jump, the game was released on 2nd August, 2018.


The game features more than 50 Jump heroes from series new and old, such as Son Goku (孙 悟空) from Dragon Ball, Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece and Izuku Midoriya (緑谷出久) from My Hero Academia. The characters transform into chibi style, while players can unleash their special skills from the original manga. Both single and four-player online competitive mode are available.


Players’ Comments

Weekly Shonen Jump: Jikkyo JanJan Stadium has an average score of 3.9 in QooApp. Some players criticized it for the simple gameplay and unbalanced power of character’s skills. But other players appreciated its cute chibi design and enjoyed the four-player battle mode, which allows them to play with their friends.


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