DMM Finally Releases Tokyo Necro: Suicide Mission for Mobile!

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On 31st July, DMM Games finally released their mobile title “Tokyo Necro: Suicide Mission” for iOS and Android. The game was originally slated for release in 2018. In sync with the game’s launch, a special Tokyo Summer Party event is also available in the game.

World Setting

Tokyo Necro is set in 2199 in the frozen city of Tokyo. Players play the role of a “Living Dead Stalker” who hunts living dead controlled by necromancers. Players will fight alongside key characters including Yamanashi Iba (月見里一巴) and Abiru Rabi (阿蛭らび).

凍京 NECRO SUICIDE MISSIONAkihabara Central Street

凍京 NECRO SUICIDE MISSIONShibuya China Street

Shibuya China Street is also known as the red light district, is the territory of the Chinese Triad. The are is filled with Chinese restaurants凍京 NECRO.

About the Game

Tokyo Necro: Suicide Mission is a mobile spin-off game based on Nitroplus’ PC title Tokyo Necro (凍京 NECRO). The game was first announced back in 2016 was originally set to release in 2018. After several beta tests, the game was delayed and set for March 2019, but was ultimately delayed again and finally launched on mobile on 31st July.

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