[Qoo Review] DeNA Presents New Playable Demo for Official Guilty Crown Mobile Game


Last year at ChinaJoy 2018, DeNA revealed plans for an all-new officially licensed Guilty Crown mobile game. This year, DeNA presented a playable demo for the game in at their booth in ChinaJoy 2019.


The new game features a traditional mobile ARPG control scheme. Players will be able to collect some of their favorite characters from the original TV anime series and use re-experience the series’ main storyline in the main campaign of the game.

The actual gameplay doesn’t stray far away from what you would expect from a mobile ARPG, however, there are some things that don’t really live up to expectations. Whilst the game does feature an auto lock-on to target feature during combat, during the demo at ChinaJoy 2019, when enemies have spread out a fair distance, the camera angle doesn’t really do a good job at following up intuitively. This is particularly significant when using skills that dashes a certain distance. At certain times, after unleashing a dash skill, it would take time to manually re-adjust the camera angle to get your bearings right.



This doesn’t mean that the game isn’t worth waiting for though. Fans of the series will really be able to appreciate how the game stays true to the original series. Characters’ attack animations and skills all genuinely feel true to the Guilty Crown series. What gave us the biggest impression was how much the game accurately recreates each character’s skill animation and the style of their attacks.

In terms of the game’s graphics, whilst it does look good, there isn’t really anything that particularly stands out both positively and negatively. The overall graphics are something you can expect from modern Chinese mobile games. In comparison to the other games we tried at ChinaJoy this year, the game lacks a certain attraction and impact, but it is still a solid game on its own, it’s just that the competition this year is quite strong.