Fate/stay night 15th Celebration Projects Revealed

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On 3rd August, at the Fate/Grand Order Fes.2019 4th Anniversary, a special Fate/stay night 15th Celebration Project stage event was held. The stage event was hosted by Joji Nakata (Kirei Kotomine Voice Actor) and invited guests including Noriaki Sugiyama (Shiro Emiya voice actor), Noriko Shitaya (Sakura Mato voice actress), Ayako Kawasumi (Saber voice actress), and Kana Ueda (Rin Tohsaka voice actress)  to reveal the exciting new projects and to interact with fans at the festival.

▲Fate 15th Anniversary Key Visual

The event started with a trip down memory lane, reminiscing the past 15 years of the series from the original PC version of Fate/stay night to the TV animated series and animated movie adaptation. During the event, eight new celebratory projects were also revealed to celebrate the 15th anniversary.

▲ Timeline of 15 years of Fate

Celebratory Projects

■ Dominate Grail War – Fate/stay night on Board Game

A new Fate/stay night board game based on the 5th Holy Grail War now available for sale in Japan.

■ Return to Avalon – 15th Anniversary Artbook by Takashi Takeuchi

A full A4 sized hard-cover 240-paged artbook by TYPE-MOON co-founder Takashi Takeuchi featuring characters from the series with a British backdrop.

■ Good Smile Figurine Project

Working in collaboration with the renowned figurine manufacturer, Goos Smile Company, a series of Saber figurines will be released in special commemoration outfits. The series will include Saber, Sakura Matou, and Rin Tohsaka.

■ Unlimited Blade Works BD Box set

A Special fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works’ BD- Bos Standard Edition & original Soundtrack is set to release on 22nd January 2019 in Japan.

■ 15th Anniversary Celebratory Figurines

In celebration of the 15th anniversary, TYPE-Moon has invited the renowned Iwanaga Sakurako, better known as the creator of the beautiful figures from Shokubutsu Shoujoen (植物少女園 -Shokuen), to create a special collection of figures envisioned by Takashi Takeuchi.

■ TYPE-MOON Exhibition

Fate/stay night came to be on 30th January 2004 and to celebrate the long history of the series, from 20th December 2019 – 5th April 2020, a special TYPE-MOON Exhibition will be held at the Sony Music Roppongi Museum.

■ Capsule Servant Game Port

In 2014, Fate/hollow ataraxia was released on PSVita. The game came with a special mini tower defense game, Capsule Servant. During the announcement, TYPE-MOON announced that they will be bringing the game to the mobile platform in celebration of the Fate’s 15th anniversary. The game will be free to play and won’t feature in-app purchases.

■ Fate Song Material

A collection of 26 songs from the entire Fate series. The album will be released later this year on 18th December 2019.

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