Hero Saves the World? Otome Smartphone Game HELIOS Rising Heroes Details Revealed!

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Cacalia Studio by Happy Elements announced the setting of its latest otome smartphone game HELIOS Rising Heroes (エリオスライジングヒーローズ), previously announced as HELIOS Project. HELIOS Rising Heroes The game, which will be released in 2020, sets in the State of MILLION and is expected to be a RPG for players to nurture heroes with different personalities.


50 years ago, a high energy source, “Substance”, from outer space dropped on the State of MILLION, bringing unlimited resources to the depleted earth. However, it was also the sources of the world-spread disasters. To face the increasing threat, the State of MILLION established a strategic department “HELIOS” and entrusted the energy crystals discovered from the “Substance” to the selected few. All in special abilities, “Heroes” were born, bringing peace the place. HELIOS Rising Heroes Now, the State of MILLION is divided into four different sectors. Heroes compete with each other to become the top of “Sector Ranking”, aiming to take the title of “MAJOR HERO”... The game follows the story of eight rookie heroes and seven hero mentors, who form teams during special trainings. Players will be their commander and guide them through different missions.

Characters and Cast

Rookie Heroes ■ Akira Otori (鳳アキラ) - CV: Toshiyuki Toyonaga (豊永利行) HELIOS Rising Heroes ■ Will Sprout - CV: Takashi Kondō (近藤隆) HELIOS Rising Heroes ■ Ren Kisaragi (如月レン) - CV: Haruki Ishiya (石谷春貴) HELIOS Rising Heroes ■ Gast Adler - CV: Satoshi Hino (日野聡) HELIOS Rising Heroes ■ Leonard Wright Jr. - CV: Ayumu Murase (村瀬歩) HELIOS Rising Heroes ■ Faith Beams - CV: Arthur Lounsbery HELIOS Rising Heroes ■ Gray Reverse - CV: Nobuhiko Okamoto (岡本信彦) HELIOS Rising Heroes ■ Billy Wise - CV: Yoshiki Nakajima (中島ヨシキ) HELIOS Rising Heroes Heroes Mentor ■ Brad Beams - CV: Hatano Wataru (羽多野渉) HELIOS Rising Heroes ■ Oscar Bale - CV: Takuya Satō (佐藤拓也) HELIOS Rising Heroes ■ Victor Valentine - CV: Junichi Suwabe (諏訪部順一) HELIOS Rising Heroes ■ Marion Blythe - CV: Kenshō Ono (小野賢章) HELIOS Rising Heroes ■ Keith Max - CV: Kenjiro Tsudai (津田健次郎) HELIOS Rising Heroes ■ Asch Albright- CV: Subaru Kimura (木村昴) HELIOS Rising Heroes ■ Jay Kidman - CV: Toshiyuki Morikawa (森川智之) HELIOS Rising Heroes You are also welcomed to check out the official website, which also listed the voice demo of each characters!



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