The Ark Sets Sail! Project NOAH Release Date 9/9 Confirmed!

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FLEET’s turn-based naval battle game Project NOAH (プロジェクト・ノア) confirmed its release date at 9th September. The story settings and characters are also revealed.


As the crustal change raises up sea level, planet NOAH is swallowed by the ocean. To save humanity, humans create an AI system and executed a project to build massive arks which they call the Second Cradle.

There are a total of twelve arks and each of these arks can only be controlled by the special ones, Admiral (アドミラル).

Though due to a dispute among the leaders, the migration project was split into three factions. The first faction believed that all humans should be migrated. However the second faction believed that only the chosen could be migrated while the last faction believed that humankind should not resist their fate and perish with the seas.

Project NOAH

Project NOAH

Project NOAH

On the other hand, a competition to inherit the Admiral power starts, while the protagonist, Manase Mifune, tries to save the human race by obtaining the last Ark…

Game Interface

Although the gameplay is not yet revealed, several visual of its game interface was revealed. It seems like players can not only follow the story and finish the story quest, but also build battle ship in the game.

Characters and Cast

■ Manase Mifune (御船真瀬) – CV: Kōki Uchiyama (内山昂輝)

Project NOAH
■ Cain = Rosenkrantz – CV: Hikaru Midorikawa (緑川 光)

Project NOAH
■ Emzara – CV: Aoi Yūki (悠木 碧)

Project NOAH
■ Glenn Carmin – CV: Yūki Ono (小野友樹)

Project NOAH
■ Jean Lannes – CV: Marina Inoue (井上麻里奈)

Project NOAH
■ Viviana Sarinana – CV: Yui Ogura (小倉 唯)

Project NOAH
■ Aria Lotus – CV: Satomi Satō (佐藤聡美)

Project NOAH
■ Mikhail Surkov – CV: Kikuko Inoue(井上喜久子)

Project NOAH
■ Otohime Tatsumura (辰宮乙姫) – CV: Yukari Tamura (田村ゆかり)

Project NOAH

Pre-registration Rewards

■ 100,000: Free Member Monthly Benefits: Admiral Lounge Member
■ 150,000: Prism X 250 (For 5 times gacha)
■ Additional 100,000 Twitter Followers: Prism X 250 (For 5 times gacha)
■ Additional 110,000 Twitter Followers: Prism X 100 (For 2 times gacha)
■ PV 4,000,000 views: Prism X 100 (For 2 times gacha)

Game OP

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