Management Simulation Game Angels of Death Restaurant Officially Launches!

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Based on Japanese horror adventure video game Angels of Death, VISUALIZE’s Angels of Death Restaurant (さつてんレストラン) is now available for download on iOS and Android.

Set in a totally different world from the original Angels of Death story, players will follow Abraham Gray, who acts as the owner of a restaurant and work together with other signature characters, including Ray, Zack, Danny, Eddie and Kathy.


Story mode is available, featuring original scenario created exclusively for the game. Players can hire more characters as server after finishing the scenario.

Players can create different dishes to serve the customers. If you serve the customers well, Roulette Chance may appear where you can obtain items or energy.

Pre-registration Rewards

To celebrate the pre-registration reaches 3210, players will be rewarded with Energy Restoring Drink X 5, Gacha Ticket X 1, gem X400 (equal to 5 draws of the gacha), ★3 Characters Guarantee Gacha Ticket X1 and ★4 Recipe.

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