Square Enix's Marvel Avengers First-Hand Review at Gamescom 2019

Mr. Qoo PS4 PC

Following the first trailer released this year at E3, a new prologue gameplay trailer for Marvel’s Avengers at Gamescom 2019. In addition to the new gameplay trailer, Square Enix also featured a gameplay demo for the game so visitors will be able to play through the “A-Day prologue” of the game.

The demo sets the story for the main campaign of the game. Throughout the demo, players will be able to try out each one of the Avengers. Starting with Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, and then Black Widow.

The game plays like any other action game. Each hero’s unique attacks and skills, makes the game feel diverse and give fans a familiar Marvel experience. The combat works wonders, depending on which hero players use, the combat feels completely different. The game is more than just a fanservice project. The pace of the combat is quite satisfying, combined with the many objects and environments, players do get to feel like their favorite Avenger.

Despite not being able to try out more in-depth features of the game including the hero skill trees and customizable outfits, the game still showed great potential. The graphics, despite being just in the alpha stage, still looks incredible.

The lowest point of the demo was the quick time event during the boss fight. Though the sequence was not the main point of the fight, it still felt slightly dragged out, making what was supposed to be an epic conclusion to the prologue seem slightly disappointing and routine.

Marvel’s Avengers is due out on 15th May 2020 for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia.

Full Gameplay Trailer

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