[Qoo News] DMM TGS2019 Official Website Reveals Line-Up! Stage Schedule Coming Soon


As TGS2019 Approaches, DMM GAMES has launched their official Tokyo Game Show 2019 (TGS2019) website revealing their full line-up.


Whilst the line-up has been revealed, the official TGS2019 website still shows the stage schedule as “Coming Soon”. Stay tuned to QooApp for the latest TGS2019 updates.


■ Magic Am I


Created by Studio MGCM, Magic Am I is a PC browser “Urban Pop” Magical Girl RPG. According to the TGS website, Magic Am I is the most expensive PC browser game to develop in DMM GAMES’ history. Not much about the game has been revealed as of this moment, but A special stage is scheduled during TGS2019 to reveal more details on the game.

■ Near Future Shinobi Taimanin RPG


A browser game filled with demon-slaying shinobi. The game was released on 25th September 2018. A stage event is scheduled for 15th September, the exact time has yet to be confirmed.

■ Dead or Alive: Venus Vacation


A tropical beach vacation with all your favorite girls from the Dead or Alive fighting game series. Special live-streams for the game are scheduled during TGS2019

■ Destiny Child For DMM


Destiny Child is originally a Korean mobile RPG developed by Next Floor and Shift Up. It has been well-received worldwide for its illustrations done by Blade & Soul artist Hyung Tae Kim and fast-paced battles. A special stage event for the game is scheduled for 12:00 15th September.

■ Witch’s Weapon


Witch’s Weapon is a mobile Adventure RPG set in the close future. One day on a small island on the Pacific, a golden chalice. The chalice is secured in the six major academies for research purposes, until one day, the research facility was attacked. As the perpetrators removed the gems from the chalice, a massive explosion took place. Our protagonist (male) survives the attack, but wakes up a girl?!

■ Girls Symphony


Girls Symphony is a browser RPG set in a world created by the goddess of music, Muse. Using the power of music, players must lead their orchestra members to free the world from the tyranny of the Civilization Guild.

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