Medabots S: Unlimited Nova Pre-Registration Begins

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Yesterday (3rd September), Imagineer launched the pre-registration campaign for their new mobile Medabots mobile game, Medabots S: Unlimited Nova (Medarot S – メダロットS).

medabots s

About the Game

Medabots S features a 3-vs-3 command battle system. Players will be able to experience the joy of collecting Medabot parts and equipping different parts to their Medabots to create new playstyles. The game will also introduce a new “Parts Enchancing” system that will allow players to further improve their Medabots.

The upcoming game will also include iconic characters from the series. Players will come across the characters in the “Medalympics”.


Pre-Registration Rewards

30,000: Ruby x4, 50,000 Coin
50,000: Ruby x20, Medabot P Rokushu (Pロクショウ)
70:000: Ruby x4, 50,000 Coin
100:000: Ruby x40, Medabot G Metabee (Gメタビー)

Official Site

Official Twitter

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