The Monster is Coming! AR Mobile Game Dragon Quest Walk Confirms 12/9 Release!

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Square Enix’s latest AR smartphone game Dragon Quest Walk (ドラゴンクエストウォーク) confirms to release on 12th September. A pre-registration campaign is also launching in App Store and Google Play.


The location services-based smartphone game is developed by COLOPL, the creator of hit RPG White Cat Project and will include challenges to visit real-world locations to complete quests and battle against tentacle monsters in turn-based combat.


Players will need to cover various distances to unlock new quests and proceed with the story. Players can set a destination with a building that actually exists. Monsters from Dragon Quest will be appearing on your phone during your journey to the destination.

The landmark in Japan, such as Tokyo Tower and Osaka Castle will also be on the game map. Players can unlock special quest when they actually visit the site.

The home base system allows players to decorate their cabin according to their preferences. Players can obtain additional bonus and items by returning to the cabin.


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