[Qoo News] Maplestory M x Isekai Quartet Collaboration Starts Today


Today (26th September), Maplestory M (JP) launches their collaboration with Kadokawa’s TV anime series Isekai Quartet!

maplestory m

The collaboration will introduce iconic items that the characters from the series use to the game. During the collaboration period, players will receive special collaboration avatars in the collaboration login event!

A collaboration Dice Game will also be available during the collaboration period. Players will be able to receive all sorts of in-game items as rewards from the dice game.



Additionally, there will also be special collaboration requests available to players during the collaboration period. Players will be able to do three collaboration requests per day. If players are lucky, they may receive collaboration items as rewards.

Login Event Rewards

1 Day: Tanya’s Outfit
3 Day: Rem Outfit
6 Day: Aqua Outfit
8 Day: Albedo Outfit

Collaboration Duration


26th September 10:00 JST ~ 24th October 9:59 JST

Official Site

Official Twitter

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