Fire Force Second Cour PV Reveals New Characters and More Blistering Battles

Mr. Qoo

The second cour of Fire Force (炎炎ノ消防隊), which will start on 1st November, reveals a new PV and its opening theme song coldrain, performed by MAYDAY (feat. Ryo from Crystal Lake).

The PV not only showcases some signature moment from the first cour, but also suggests the further involvement from the White-Clad, a group that purposely turning people into Infernals, and has their eyes set on the protagonist, Shinra, after finding out he gets a powerful flame that they have been searching for.

Fans can also expect the coming of some new characters, and the showcase of more blistering battles.

About Fire Force

Fire Force was a shonen manga created by Atsushi Okubo (大久保 篤) for Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine in 2015, and has since been collected into nineteen tankōbon volumes as of September 2019.

The series set in a world, where terror has paralyzed Tokyo due to a phenomenon called spontaneous human combustion where humans beings are turned into living infernos. A special firefighting department, the Fire Force, is thus set for the urging situation.

Shinra Kusakabe (森羅日下部), a young boy who gained the nickname Devil’s Footprints for his ability to ignite his feet at will, joins the Special Fire Force, which is composed of other flames users as they work to extinguish any supernatural fire they encounter. As the story goes, Shira begins to uncover the truth behind a mysterious fire that caused the death of his family twelve years ago.

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