Otome Smartphone Game Sensual Phrase -CLIMAX NEXT GENERATION 15/10 Launch Date Confirmed for Android!

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Based on Mayu Shinjo’s (新條まゆ) 1997 shojo manga Sensual Phrase ( 快感 フレーズ ), GMO Internet’s smartphone game Sensual Phrase -CLIMAX NEXT GENERATION (快感♥フレーズ CLIMAX) confirms to launch on 15th October on Android. The launch date for iOS devices are not yet confirmed due to verification issue.



Delaying Launch Date on iOS Devices

As the erotic game visuals have drawn controversy during game verification, the game decided to modify and reduce the visuals displayed on Apple Store. The official website apologizes for delaying the launch date on iOS devices.

▲ Left: Modified visual displayed in Apple Store


▲ Visual Album

Compensation Event

To compensate for the delay of game launch, new players will be rewarded with Jewel X 3,000, which is equivalent to 10 times gacha.



The game sets in 20 years after the original series. The protagonist, Koharu Miu (name is changeable) is a third-year college student, who has a dream of becoming a composer. She joins a National Composer Audition held by three music companies and thus starts the heart-beating journey with different ikeman musicians.


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快感♥フレーズCLIMAX -NEXT GENERATION- Sensualphrase -CLIMAX NEXT GENERATION- 快感♥フレーズCLIMAX -NEXT GENERATION- GMO GP, Inc. Release Date: October 15, 2019 Pre-register
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