Mario Kart Tour Multiplayer Mode Opens β in December

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Nintendo today (1st November) announces in its official Tweeter that a real-time multiplayer beta test will begin for Mario Kart Tour in December, but only for Gold Pass subscribers.

At launch, Mario Kart Tour is focused on single-player races and bonus challenges, with competition encouraged via the game’s online leaderboards. Nintendo has revealed plans to launch a multiplayer mode but the date is still not yet confirmed.

Since its worldwide release on September 25, Mario Kart Tour is estimated to have been downloaded 123.9 million times across iOS and Android devices

Halloween-themed Tour

The game is currently holding a Halloween-themed Tour until November,5. Rosalina in her witch costume, King Boo, Trickster kart and The Ghost Ride is now available in the pick-up gacha. Luigi’s Mansion course is also opened for you to challenge yourself.

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