Bishojo Smartphone RPG “Ayakashi Rumble!” Now Available for Download!

DMM Games latest bishojo RPG “Ayakashi Rumble!” (あやかしランブル!) is now available on your smartphone!

Developed by Kamihime Project’s (神姫プロジェクト) developer Techcross, you will be an onmyoji rookie and joins the battles against the God of Disasters, Magatsu Hinokami (禍津日神), together with different shikigami (式神) bishojo. The game has pre-launched on PC this October and is now available for iOS and Android devices.


In battles, you can use your psychic power to revive the defeated shikigami or unleash their ultimate skills. Auto-mode is also available.

You can equip weapons and armor on the shikigami in order to enhance their ability. The gacha system is a mix of characters, weapons, and armor.

You can nurture your shikigami in the Spiritual Board and different items will be needed to enhance their abilities.

In boss battles, you can choose the battle time from 30, 60 and 90 seconds. Your contribution will decide how many items you get. You can also send out SOS and ask for assistance from other players.


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あやかしランブル!【あやらぶ】 Ayakashi Rumble! あやかしランブル!【あやらぶ】 DMMGAMES 3.8 More
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