Crash Fever X Date A Live III Collaboration Coming on 15/11

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Puzzle-solving mobile game Crash Fever (クラッシュフィーバー) announces the collaboration with TV anime Date A Live III (デート・ア・ライブⅢ) will start from 15th November.

Login Bonus

Players logged in the game during the collaboration period will be rewarded with a bunch of presents, including ★6 Adeptus2 Takamiya Mana (★6 アデプタス2 崇宮 真那).

Collaboration Gacha

Signature characters from the Date A Live series will be featured in the collaboration gacha from 15th – 29th November.

■ ★6 The Jealous Princess Yatogami Tohka (★6 接食する皇姫 夜刀神十香)

■ ★6 Mad Nightmare Tokisaki Kurumi (★6 狂乱の悪夢 時崎狂三)

■ ★6 Efreet Itsuka Kotori (★6 炎纏いし司霊官 五河琴里)

■ ★6 The Partner with Ice Yoshino & Yoshinon (★6 氷裏一体の相棒 四糸乃&よしのん)

■ ★6 Be with God The Yamai Sister (★6 一神同体の御子 八舞姉妹)

■ ★6 The Frenzy Singer Izayoi Miku (★6 狂操する歌姫 誘宵美九)

Collaboration Quest

The following collaboration quest will be available:

After clearing the above quest, you will have chances to obtain ★6 Inversion ver. Yatogami Tohka (反転ver. 夜刀神十香), together with her special voice bonus.

Lock Quest is also available for change 1 time a day, where you can obtain a bunch of training materials, and also gacha ticket for cost 55 above character.

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