Summons Board X That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Collaboration Started!

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GungHo’s Strategy Board RPG, Summons Boards (サモンズボード) is having its first collaboration with That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (転生したらスライムだった件).


Collaboration Characters

■ Slime of Solitude・Rimuru (孤高のスライム・リムル)

■ Tyrant of Destruction Mirimu 破壊の暴君(デストロイ)ミリム

■ Masked Summoner Mizu 仮面の召喚者シズ

Special Gacha Characters
■ Unrestricted Tyrant Mirimu (自由すぎる魔王ミリム)
■ Former Guard Commander Sōka (元親衛隊長ソーカ)

Collaboration Events

Players will receive “The Destined Two Rimuru and Mizu” (運命の二人リムル&シズ) if they log in to the game during the collaboration period.

You may also get “Progenitor Demon Kuro” (原初の悪魔クロ) at the Summon Crystal Exchange Center.

If you complete a mission with “The Destined Two Rimuru and Mizu” in your team, you will get crystals (光結晶) and soul copies of The Great Sage’s Soul (大賢者のソウル) as rewards.

If you log in for 14 consecutive days during the collaboration period, you will get 14 crystals as rewards. So don’t forget to log in every day.

Collaboration Dungeons


■ Defense of Goblin Village (ゴブリン村防衛戦) – Normal to Difficult (普~極)

■ The Smash Clash (大激突) – Extreme (極冥)

■ Goblin Village on Fire (ゴブリン村 炎上) – God (神)

You will get Ifrit (炎の上位精霊イフリート) if you complete Goblin Village on Fire.

Collaboration period

21st November after maintenance – 5th December 2019 10:59 JST

Official Site

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