Wasteful Days of High School Girls Live-Action TV Drama Confirmed for January 2020

Mr. Qoo

TV Asahi announced today (28th November), that Bino’s (ビーノ) comedy manga “Wasteful Days of High School Girls” (女子高生の無駄づかい) is getting a Live-Action series adaption. It will air in January on Fridays (23:15-24:15).


The story centers around Metropolitan Sainotama Girl’s High School (さいのたま女子高等学校). Main characters include Nozumu “Baka” Tanaka (バカ/田中望), Akane “Wota” Kikuchi (ヲタ/菊池茜), and Shiori “Robo” Saginomiya (ロボ/鷺宮しおり). Together with other classmates and people, the girls live their wasteful days to the max.

Bino originally published the manga on Niconico Seiga, then it had been serialized commercially on ComicWalker in 2015, and it is currently serialized on Comic Newtype  (KADOKAWA). It also inspired a television anime by Passione this year (2019).


■ Yui Okada (岡田結実) as Nozumu “Baka” Tanaka (バカ/田中望)

Nozomu is the problem child in the group. She does foolish things without considering the context.

■ Yuri Tsunematsu (恒松祐里) as Akane “Wota” Kikuchi (ヲタ/菊池茜)

Akane is a big fan of yaoi (boys’ love) and Vocaloid “Teishotoku-P”. She is an Otaku and aspires to be a manga artist.

■ Yurika Nakamura (中村ゆりか) as Shiori “Robo” Saginomiya (ロボ/鷺宮しおり)

Shiori is an emotionless girl who excels academically. She aspires to be a microbiologist.

■ Keita Machida (町田啓太) as Masataka “Waseda” Sawatari (佐渡正敬)

Machida is the class’s homeroom teacher. He is also secretly the Vocaloid producer “Teishotoku-P”.

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