[Qoo News] KONAMI’s beatmania IIDX Ultimate MOBILE Starts Today!


KONAMI’s latest rhythm game beatmania IIDX Ultimate MOBILE (iOS/Android) is officially out today (9th December). The game is based on KONAMI’s iconic beatmania IIDX series.


As previously announced at TGS2019, KONAMI is bringing some of the company’s most iconic arcade rhythm games to mobile. Other titles include Sound Voltex and Dance Dance Revolution should also be underway but no further announcements are made ever since then.


In the game, players need to hit the correct buttons at the bottom of the screen as the music goes. The more accurate you hit the notes, the more points you get. The stage is clear when your obtained certain points and your “GROOVE GAUGE” bar reaches red.


The game is available for free download. However, players will need AP to play for each song, and they can recover the AP using 100 DX DIAMOND (in-game item) when it runs out. Also, they can only play some songs from the beginner to the normal level.


Players will need to pay a monthly subscription fee (JPY 480/980) if they want to unlock the rest of the game’s remaining contents. They include the whole playlist (1057 songs), all difficulty levels, “GAME VIEW” mode which is designed to practice your skills, and the “MUSIC PLAYER” which you can play most of the songs from the BEMANI series.


KONAMI also sells tailor-made controllers (JPY 16,280, tax-included) for beatmania IIDX. It can be connected through USB port or Bluetooth.



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