[Qoo News] SEVEN’s CODE X #COMPASS Collaboration Starts Today!


Unlimited Studio and Applibot’s mobile rhythm game “SEVEN’s CODE” is getting a collaboration event with NHN PlayArt’s 3-Vs.-3 mobile game “#COMPASS” (#コンパス).


Four characters theme songs from #COMPASS will be available in SEVEN’s CODE. The theme song of Voidoll “Dance Robot Dance” (ダンスロボットダンス) will be free. Other songs include Gustav Heydrich’s (グスタフ ハイドリヒ) “Grave” (グラーヴェ), Soubiki Noho (双挽乃保)’s Kire Carry On (キレキャリオン), and Megumegu’s (メグメグ) “Violence Trigger” (バイオレンストリガー). The price of the game has also been reduced from JPY 490 to JPY 250.


Players can choose from two different modes: “Simple” and “Chaos”. “Simple” has a more traditional rhythm game template, while “Chaos” is more complicated which the players need to press, slide or drag as the rhythm goes.19100905520475


The game combines rhythm game with battle and mystery-solving elements.  Players have to select from different options to solve mysterious cases. It also synchronizes the in-game time with real-world time and the story is expected to finish in 12 months. New stories and songs will come out each month. Naoki Maeda (前田尚紀) (Dance Revolution, Bemani series) is producing, with an original proposal by Rizu Iwasaki (岩崎リズ).

New character theme songs

■ Gustav Heydrich’s (グスタフ ハイドリヒ) “Grave” (グラーヴェ)

■ Soubiki Noho (双挽乃保)’s Kire Carry On (キレキャリオン)

■ Megumegu’s (メグメグ) “Violence Trigger” (バイオレンストリガー)

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