Bokuhime Project Release Date Confirmed!

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Nippon Ichi Software announced on 28th December that the upcoming game Bokuhime Project (ボク姫PROJECT) will land on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on 23rd April 2020. It also revealed the opening movie featuring the main characters and theme song. The game will cost JPY 7,678 (tax-included).
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The story centers around the Private Yuriai Academy (私立百合愛学園), where 99% of the students are upper-class girls. There is only one simple rule in the school: cuteness is everything. It follows the protagonist, Minato Igusa (伊草ミナト), a teenage boy who pretends to be a girl and attend the school in order to save his older sister. He needs to become the cutest girl in school, but there are “four princesses” stand in his way…

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About Bokuhime Project

The game was developed by WIZARDSOFT and presented by Nippon Ichi Software. It was first announced in July 2017 as a “women’s clothing” project”.

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