“Neko Pazu” Puzzle-solving RPG Arrives Smartphone on 18th January

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Developed by GROUP KETCHA, puzzle-solving RPG “Neko Pazu” (ねこぱず) is confirmed to launch on iOS and Android on 18th January 2020.



“Neko Pazu” is a puzzle-solving and cafe management game, where you can develop new menus and expand your store.

Players can solve the puzzle simply by aligning three balls with the same color. Various menus are available depending on the color of the ball you erased and how you erased it.

Each time you remove the ball, the fever gauge extends. Sales will double during fever time! Increase your sales and your shop rank. As the rank rises, new menus are developed and shops become larger.

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Neko Pazu:Cat waitress cafe training puzzle game. Neko Pazu Neko Pazu:Cat waitress cafe training puzzle game. GROUP KETCHA 2.5 More
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