[Qoo News] Rhythm Game “SEVEN’s CODE” Launches English Version in Over 130 Countries


Unlimited Studio and applibot’s mystery-solving rhythm game SEVEN’s CODE (セブンスコード) has launched an English version in over 130 countries, including Korea, Taiwan, North America, and Europe. Players can now change the language in the game.


The game is also updated with the fourth chapter “Warning -2053.01. The Revelation of Johannes-”, a new character, and several newly added songs.


Produced by Japanese composer Naoki Maeda (前田尚紀), who is best known for composing and arranging music for Konami music video games, including the Dance Dance Revolution and Bemani series, the game aims to provide players a new gaming experience with mystery-solving elements.



Players have to select from different options to solve the mysterious case and proceed with the game. The story follows the original video of screenwriter Rizu Iwasaki (岩崎リズ) and art is created by studio SSS by applibot.

New Character

■ Sayako (サヤコ) – CV: Kana Yuuki (優木かな)

“The Eighth Doll”
She is a senior member of SOAT, the right-hand man of Nire (ニレ) and works for the Black Lizard. She respects Nire a lot and strive to become useful to him. She is a perfectionist and look down upon those who can’t keep up to her standard. But she actually has low self-esteem and tries to hide it with her cold face.

Newly Added Song

■ Crimsonate/BlackY feat. Risa Yuzuki20012404454216
■ AMATERAS SYSTEM/Morrigan feat. Noriko Mitose and Lily2001240445516
■ Brain Power/NOMA20012404460287

■ MAX SBY-428-/Ωr


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