Horror Movie “Howling Village” Announced Smartphone Game Adaptation for Summer 2020!

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DLE Inc. subsidiary company Churapps announced a game adaptation of Japanese horror movie “Howling Village” (犬鳴村) and is set to release the game on iOS and Android platforms this summer.

The movie is directed Japanese filmmaker Takashi Shimizu (清水 崇), who is known for his movies “The Grudge”and “Tomie: Re-birth”.

Movie Trailer

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The movie and the game adaptation are based on the famous Japanese urban legend, Inunaki Village, where everything there is cursed and morbid. Moreover, the village actually exists.

Morita Kanae (played by Ayaka Miyoshi) is a licensed and practicing psychologist who not only is curious about the village vocationally, but herself can communicate with the spirits. She finds herself personally involved in the dark secrets of the village when her older brother and his girlfriend get into trouble after visiting Inunaki.

About Inunaki Village

Inunaki Village is a mysterious village in Japan that is completely isolated from other villages and even from the country itself. There is a panel at the entrance of the village, right before a dark tunnel, that says “The law constitution of Japan does not apply here”.

Legend says that people in this village live in an extremely weird way. Incest, cannibalism or murder is very common. For some reason, you cannot use your phone or any electronic devices. Many people went to this village but no one came back.

The story also inspired the original anime “The Lost Village” and manga “The Story of the Mysterious Tunnel” by horror mangaka Junji Ito (伊藤 潤二).

Details of the game are not yet revealed. Stay tuned on QooApp for further information.

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