“Schoolgirl Strikers 2” X “Trials of Mana” Collaboration Began!

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Square Enix smartphone RPG “Schoolgirl Strikers 2” (スクールガールストライカーズ2) has started collaboration events with action video game series “Trials of Mana” (聖剣伝説).

Collaboration Characters and Costume

Riesz from “Trials of Mana” will appear in the game as original 3D models and players will be able to manipulate her to engage in battles together with the girls from“Schoolgirl Strikers 2”. Riesz (CV: Mikako Komatsu) will come with original voice recordings. Four sets of collaboration costumes and accessories will also be available. Don’t miss the chance to collect them all! ■ Collaboration costume ft Riesz ■ Collaboration costume ft Angela ■ Collaboration costume ft Primm (Event Reward) ■ Collaboration costume ft Heroine (Event Reward) Players can also obtain accessories, Charlotte’s hat and Rabi in collaboration events.

Collaboration Episode

Riesz also appears in the original collaboration episode. You can even hear her voice at home. The coop event features the signature monster, Full Metal Hugger, from the “Trials of Mana” series. Collaboration period: 11th February 2020 (Tue) ~ 27th February 2020 (Thur) 23:59 [JPT]

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