Cygames “Princess Connect! Re:Dive” Anime Adaptation Reveals PV, Cast and 4th April Premiere

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The anime adaptation of Cygames’ smartphone RPG “Princess Connect! Re:Dive” (プリンセスコネクト!Re:Dive) reveals the first promotion video, key visual, cast, staff and premiere date on 4th April 2020.


Staff and Production

The series is directed and written by “Tokyo Ravens” and “Magician’s Academy” director Takaomi Kanasaki (金﨑 貴臣). It is animated by Cygames Pictures. Satomi Kurita (栗田 聡美), Lie Jun Yang (楊 烈駿), and Yasuyuki Noda (野田 康行) will serve as the character designer. The story will follow adventurer Yūki who lost all of his memory and joins a mysterious guild ‘Gourmet Edifice’ with three distinctive girls.

Characters and Cast

■ Pecorine – CV: M·A·O

■ Kokkoro – CV: Miku Itō (伊藤 美来)

■ Kyaru – CV: Rika Tachibana (立花 理香)

■ Yūki – CV: Atsushi Abe (阿部 敦)

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