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Monster Hunter Riders, Capcom’s latest mobile gacha title for the Monster Hunter series has just been released! This quick guide will go through some of the most basic things you need to know when starting out the game from the re-roll rundown to recommended starters.

Reroll Rundown

First up is the rerolling. When you start the game, you’ll have to go through the tutorial. Upon completing the tutorial, you will get a free 10x summon that guarantees one five-star rider. This free summon has infinite retries, but you can only get one five-star rider. So pick the one you like most. After the summon, you will be able to collect the pre-registration rewards and summon again. You will not be able to do a 10x summon right after the tutorial due to insufficient orbs, but you will be able to do single summons and retry a few times. If you don’t get anything good after the tutorial, reinstall and start again.

Recommended Starters

The riders recommended below puts into consideration the abilities, partner monster’s availability, early game carry capabilities, and whether or not they are on pick up.

■ マリィ(Fire DPS)

A great rider who is available in the 10x summon with retries. At the beginning of each turn, she has a 10% chance to raise her attack by one level for three turns. Additionally, She also has the ability to lower the defense of a single target. She also deals more damage to targets that are poisoned. When she has over 50% HP, all her fire skills will receive a 15% increased damage bonus.

■ ハルシオン (Water Tank)

Typical tank rider with exceptional HP and Defense stats. Support skills raise the survivability of your team, making him a great asset when challenging difficult content. The only downside is that his offensive abilities are pitiable. Also available in the 10x summon with retries.

■ シノ (Thunder DPS)

Also available in the 10x summon with retries. She has great speed stats which allows her to take the first turn in most situations. Her skills lean heavily on the offensive side and her damage output further increases as her HP drops. Her base HP is quite low so having a healer is recommended if you build a team around her.

■ フレデリカ (Fire Support)

Not available in the 10x summon with retries, but available in the launch celebration pool which can be unlocked after 2-8. Great single target damage and can use blast attacks! Complete with attack orientated support skills to raise the overall damage of the team.

■ ダライアス (Fire DPS)

Not available in the 10x summon with retries, available in the launch celebration pool. High damage output complemented by defense down debuffs. Has a chance to sleep the target. The greatest thing about this rider is that his HP will not reach 0 until the end of turn, ensuring at least one more hit before he does down.

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