[Qoo News] “Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045” Anime 2nd Season Confirmed and New Clip Revealed!


Netflix’s 3D CG anime “Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045” reveals a new clip and has confirmed the production of a second season. The anime’s first season has 12 episodes and is scheduled to premiere on 23rd April 2020 on Netflix worldwide.


In the year 2045, after an economic disaster known as the Synchronized Global Default, rapid developments in AI propelled the world to enter a state of “Sustainable War”. However, the public is not aware of the threat that AI has towards the human race.

Full-body cyborg Major Motoko Kusanagi and her second-in-command Batou are former members of Public Security Section 9, who are now hired mercenaries traveling to the hot devastated American west coast. This land is full of opportunity for the major and her team, they utilize their enhanced cyberbrains and combat skills from their time working in Section 9. However, things get complicated with the emergence of “post humans,” who have extreme intelligence and physical powers. The members of Section 9 comeback together again in order to face this new threat.





Staff and Production

The anime series is directed by “Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex” director Kenji Kamiyama (神山 健治) and “APPLESEED” director Shinji Aramaki (荒牧 伸志) separately at Production I.G and Sola Digital Arts. Russian illustrator Ilya Kushinov is the character designer.

millennium parade, the new creative team led by King Gnu member Daiki Tsuneta, will perform the opening theme song “Fly with me.”


■ Motoko Kusanagi (草薙素子) – CV: Atsuko Tanaka (田中敦子)
■ Daisuke Aramaki (荒巻大輔) – CV: Osamu Saka (阪 脩)
■ Batou – CV: Akio Otsuka (大塚明夫)
■ Togusa – CV: Koichi Yamadera (山寺宏一)
■ Ishikawa – CV: Yutaka Nakano (仲野 裕)
■ Saito – CV: Toru Okawa (大川 透)
■ Paz – CV: Takashi Onozuka (小野塚貴志)
■ Borma – CV: Taro Yamaguchi (山口太郎)
■ Tachikoma – CV: Sakiko Tamagawa (玉川砂記子)
■ Purin Ezaki (江崎プリン) – CV: Megumi Han (潘めぐみ)
■ Standard – CV: Kenjiro Tsuda (津田健次郎)
■ John Smith – CV: Kaiji Soze (曽世海司)
■ Kurisu Ōtomo Teito (久利須・大友・帝都) – CV: Shigeo Kiyama (喜山茂雄)

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