[Qoo News] Korean Mobile RPG “King’s Raid” Confirms TV Anime Adaptation


Vespa 3D mobile RPG “King’s Raid” is confirmed to inspire an anime adaptation titled King’s Raid: Heirs of the Will (キングスレイド 意志を継ぐものたち) that is scheduled for this fall.


The mobile game has topped 13 million downloads worldwide since its launch in 2016. The anime adaptation will feature an original story that differs from the smartphone game. Some of the signature characters from the game will appear in the anime, as well as anime’s original characters.

“Utano☆Princesama Revolutions” director Makoto Hoshino (星野真) is directing the series at OLM and SUNRISE BEYOND. “My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!” series composition Megumi Shimizu (清水惠) is in charge of the scripts.

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The story is set in a world of sword and sorcery a century after King Kairu of Orvelia defeated the demon king Angumundo. The squire Kasel lives in these peaceful times. However, Kasel’s destiny is set in motion when he hears of the demons reappearing on his land. Guided by a great wise man, Kasel embarks on an adventure with his companions to drive back the darkness threatening his once peaceful land and become the Chosen Warrior of the Holy Sword Aea.








Staff and Production

Original Work: VESPA
Director: Makoto Hoshino (星野真)
Series Composition: Megumi Shimizu (清水惠)
Character Design & Chief Animation Director: Tatsuya Arai (新井達也)
Designer for the Monsters: Yū Yoshiyama (芳山優)
Art Director: Shigemi Ikeda (池田繁美) and Yukiko Maruyama (丸山由紀子)
Color Key Artist: Makiko Kojima (小島真喜子)
Director of Photography: Takeshi Hirooka (廣岡岳)
Editing: Naoki Watanabe (渡辺直樹)
Music: Masahiro Tokuda (得田真裕)
Sound Director: Takatoshi Hamano (濱野高年)


■ Kasel – CV: Kaito Ishikawa (石川界人)
■ Frey – CV: Ai Kakuma (加隈亜衣)
■ Cleo – CV: Ari Ozawa (小澤亜李)
■ Roi – CV: Kengo Kawanishi (河西健吾)

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