[Qoo Review] Vespa’s King’s Raid, To Pay or Not to Pay



King’s Raid is a mobile RPG developed by South-Korea-based game studio Vespa and published by Thailand-based publisher Glo-how. After a not-so-smooth launch yesterday (16th February, 2017), King’s Raid returns to the app market for certain regions.

The game itself features a main story coupled with a range of dungeons that players can challenge for materials which can be used to enhance items and characters. King’s Raid also includes a sort-of real-time PvP which players can control what skills to use and when, against an AI controlled player team.


The game play of King’s Raid is very similar to that of 7 Knights and Summoner Wars. Players collect heroes and gears to build their own teams to take on the various stages and events the game has to offer. Gears (weapons, armors, accessories etc.) can be obtained through stage drops and summons at the special shop, but what’s different with King’s Raid is that players will have to buy heroes with Rubies (in game premium currency). Although heroes can also be obtained via other means like the Pub, that fastest way to obtain heroes is through the Special Shop using real money.


Graphics for King’s Raid in incredibly detailed. For players with high-end devices I recommend running the game on high definition. Although it does increase the power drain, the game is absolutely stunning. The real-time battles immerses player within every battle scene, unlike Summoners War and 7 Knight where your characters will stay on their side, King’s Raid is more similar with Lineage: Red Knight, in which our team will engage in a clash with enemies and trade auto-attacks. Grand visual effects for character skills gives the game a sort of Korean MMORPG feel.


Final Thoughts

Kings Raid is definitely a game worth trying. It’s new, it looks good, and it feels good in a way that players can really feel like their team is doing a significant damage. The overall game play has enough depth to keep you around for a while.


The biggest problem I have with the game is the how ridiculously pay-to-win it is. After the completing the first map in Easy, players will already reach their first bottle neck where Easy doesn’t give enough EXP and everything else is simply too hard for the original heroes the game provides you with.

Of course, as mentioned above, players can get new heroes through the Pub, but the time required to unlock a hero through the Pub is way too long for players who don’t want to invest real money in the game.

The game also has a few bugs that are still being fixed, but those will not affect players too much when compared to the first bottle neck.

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