Pokémon Smile & Pokémon Cafe Mix Announced

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Today (17th June), just before the launch of the game Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield’s first DLC, Nintendo broadcasted a short live-stream in which the company revealed new Pokémon details. Amongst the new reveals, Nintendo announced two new titles, Pokémon Smile and Pokemon Cafe Mix.

Pokémon Smile

Pokémon Smile is a new mobile title for mobile devices designed to power up young children’s smiles. The new app is a game/tool which turns brushing your teeth into a small game with Kanahei Pokémon. The app uses the front camera of mobile devices to cast special hats on players. As players brush their teeth, they will save and prevent Pokémon from cavity bacteria. Upon a “successful” brush, players will be able to catch adorable Kanahei Pokémon!

Pokémon Smile is already available for download.

Pokémon Smile PV

Pokémon Café Mix

Pokémon Café Mix will be released on Nintendo Switch and smart devices. Nintendo categorizes the new game as a puzzle game. players will play as an owner of a cafe for Pokémon. The gameplay is separated into several elements. The core puzzle element of the game will be somewhat similar to block-removal games, players will have to link the same Pokémon icons together by swirling to remove them from play and create “cute and yummy dishes”.


As players progress in the game, their cafe will attract more pokemon customers who will eventually join your café as staff. Players will also be able to decorate and personalize their café as they progress.

Pokémon Café Mix is currently available for pre-registration

Pokémon Café Mix PV

Pokémon Smile

Pokémon Cafe Mix

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