“Heaven's Design Team” Anime Confirms 2021 On Air!

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The TV anime adaptation of comedy manga “Heaven’s Design Team” (天地創造デザイン部) is confirmed to premiere in 2021. A key visual and the anime’s main staff are also revealed.

“Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai” director Sōichi Masui (増井壮一) is directing the series at Asahi Production. “Shirobako” series composition Michiko Yokote (横手美智子) is penning the script, while Sachiko Oohashi (大橋幸子) is designing the characters.

▼ Signing board by the manga creators Hebizou, Tsuta Suzuki, and Tarako

Announcement PV


The story takes place in the Heaven’s Animal Design Department, where designers create a variety of new animals daily while contending with the unreasonable requests of their client: God.

Funny, interesting, and full of useful information, this series answers questions such as, “Why can’t unicorns exist?”, “What makes an animal taste delicious?”, “What’s the most powerful creature in the ocean?”, and, “Bird versus snake: who would win?” Heaven’s Design Team will make your next trip to the zoo or aquarium 100 times more fun!

Staff and Production

Original Work: Hebizou (蛇蔵) & Tsuta Suzuki (鈴木ツタ)・Tarako (たら子) “Heaven’s Design Team” (天地創造デザイン部)【 Serialized in Kodansha’s “Morning two】
Director: Sōichi Masui (増井壮一)
Series Composition: Michiko Yokote (横手美智子)
Character Design: Sachiko Oohashi (大橋幸子)
Prop Design: Takuya Imakado (今門卓也)
Color Design: Miho Tanaka (田中美穂)
Art Director and Setting: Hiroyuki Nemoto (根本洋行) from Art Team Convoy
Photography Director: Momoko Naka (中萌々子)
Photography Supervision: Yuki Teramoto (寺本友紀)
Editing: Yuki Honda (本田優規)
Music: Hayato Matsuo (松尾早人)
Audio Director: Satoki Iida (飯田里樹)
Audio Production: Studio Mausu
Music Producer: Avex Pictures
Animation Production: Asahi Production

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