Are You Ready To Play Rock, Paper, Scissor? “Engage Souls” Now Available for Download!

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Square Enix yesterday (25th June) officially launched the smartphone game “Engage Souls” (エンゲージソウルズ) for iOS and Android Devices!

The game is set in the world where the “Engage” tournament prevails. The tournament is a card battle with the elements of Rock Paper Scissors. Players will be able to select “contractors” (professional players) from 30 characters and train them to take the champion.



The game features a PVP battle system where you can challenge your friends and players from around the world. Players have to play rock paper scissors to determine who attacks first, and then summons your “Soul” (ソウル) to unleash attacks.

Build your teams with members of different elements, and utilize their different skills to win the battles. You can unlock special skills by strengthening the bondings with your characters.

Pre-registration Rewards

To celebrate the game launch and pre-registration of the game reaching 400,000, all players will receive Grand Stars x 2,500 and Message Ticket x 3 as rewards.

Official Site

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