“The World Ends with You The Animation” Coming in 2021! Teaser Video, Main Staff and Cast Revealed!

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The anime adaptation of Square Enix’s action RPG “The World Ends with You” (すばらしきこのせかい) is confirmed to premiere in 2021! A teaser video, main staff, and cast have also been revealed.

“The World Ends with You” is initially an action role-playing game with urban fantasy elements developed by Square Enix and Jupiter for the Nintendo DS in 2007. The game features a distinctive art style inspired by Shibuya and its youth culture.

Development was inspired by elements of “Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories”. Tetsuya Nomura (野村哲也), known for designing the characters for the “Final Fantasy” series, is credited as the creative producer and character designer of the game.

Teaser Video (Eng. Sub)

Characters and Cast

■ Neku/ Neku Sakuraba (桜庭 音操) – CV: Kōki Uchiyama (內山昂輝)
He is an anti-social teenage boy who claims he does not “get” people, and rarely interacts with others. One day, he wakes up in Shibuya and realizes something is wrong about this place…

■ Shiki/ Shiki Misaki (美咲 四季) – CV: Anna Hachimine (鉢嶺杏奈)
She is a fifteen-year-old girl who is fashionable and fabulous. She never parts with her homemade stuffed animal, Mr. Mew.

■ Beat/ Daisukenojo Bito (尾藤 大輔之丞) – CV: Subaru Kimura (木村昴)
He is a hot-blooded and hard-headed boy, who partners with Rhyme. The reason why he was in Shibuya is a mystery.

■ Rhyme/ Unknown – CV: Ayana Taketatsu (竹達彩奈)
She is the partner of Beat, and an earnest and hard-working young girl. She has an addiction to adages and no shortage of smiles.

■ Joshua/ Yoshiya Kiryu (桐生 義弥) – CV: Ryōhei Kimura (木村良平)
It’s quickly evident Joshua is clever beyond his fifteen years—as sly as they come. Unfortunately, his insufferably snotty attitude only serves to widen the gulf between him and Neku.


Complete the mission…or face erasure.

The main character Neku wakes up in the middle of a busy Shibuya Crossing Intersection unaware of how he got there. He’s in an alternate plane of existence called the Underground (UG). Unknowingly forced to participate in the “Reaper’s Game”, Neku must partner with Shiki, a teenage girl player whom he meets. Neku must fight to survive by completing the missions thrown at him and defeating the creatures called “Noise.” By doing so, he will confront the “Reaper’s Game” along with the truth buried deep inside his memory. “The only way to survive is to trust your partner” Will they survive the “Reaper’s Game”…?

Staff and Production

Original Works: The World Ends with You【Square Enix】
Director: Kazuya Ichikawa (市川量也) from DOMERICA
Series Composition:Midori Gotou (後藤みどり) from Sanzigen
Character Design: Tetsuya Nomura (野村哲也), Gen Kobayashi (小林元) from Square Enix
Music: Takeharu Ishimoto (石元丈晴) from THRILL

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